My dear friend and fellow badass, Kim, pointed out that I basically haven’t published a free weekly workout since she joined the HIIT family back in May. And she’s right! So here you are, read it and weep…your weekly HIIT workout, free of charge, courtesy of yours truly.

Before you get too excited, prepare yourself: this is a tough workout. Less than 24-hours later and I’m literally sore, like, everywhere. My shoulders, triceps, quads and hammies. Maybe that’s because we did 120 push-ups, 6 minutes of I-wanna-wring-Robin’s-neck shoulders, about 6,629 jumping squats and lunges, and plenty of trusty old cardio exercises that literally took our breath away. And lest we forget happy abs 🙂

So take a gander and get after it, already. The guys in my class last night loved the workout so much that I can’t even post most of the pictures because they’re all making the hand gesture of, uh, love behind my back…

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Free Weekly Workout

Stretch – 5-minutes, hit all of the muscle groups because you’re about to work all of the muscle groups…hard!

Jumprope in place (or for real) – 1 minute, just to get the heart rate pumpin’

10/15/20 – Do 10 each jumping jacks, mountain climbers, burpees and jump squats…and then 15 of each, and then 20 of each. No rests, no breaks. We call this a warmup. Most would call it a full-fledged workout. But we’re badass, so…

The HIIT Circuit: Okay, we’ve got two sets of 8 exercises, sandwiched between a shoulder circuit. Unless a quantity is specified, do each exercise for 30-seconds, followed by a 10-second rest. After the set, take a one minute break. Move on to the 2nd set, same format. Now repeat the sets, for a total of 3 rounds on each set. Oh, and you’ll want a set of 2-3 lb. hand weights (or even two water bottles will do the trick).

Shoulder series: Take your hand weights and hold your arms out straight to the side, parallel to the ground. Hold for 30-seconds. After 30-seconds, make small circles forward. After 30-seconds, switch directions and make small circles backwards. After 30-seconds, start making big, huge arm circles, starting with the weights on your thighs, lifting your arms straight up, over your head, and around your back. The total series takes two minutes. You’ll do this 3x throughout your workout.

10 push-ups

Triple treats

High knees

Left leg lunge pops

Plank jacks

Zig-zag hops

Squat jacks

10 push-ups

10 push-ups

Jump lunges

Toe tap hops

Right leg lunge pops


Jump up 1, jump back 3


10 push-ups*

*After you finish the second set, do another series of shoulders. Altogether, you’ll do 120 push-ups, 6-minutes of shoulders, and each HIIT exercise 3x.

Happy abs: spend 5-10 minutes on a good ab burn. I can’t give away the secret to happy abs—you have to come to class for that. But I promise they’re very…happy 🙂