Oh, what a HIIT workout it was. A cardio & strength circuit to make you go, hmmm. Class was packed wall-to-wall with badasses looking to break a sweat, kick ass, and do their bodies some good. The result: a very fun and very challenging HIIT workout, designed to pique every muscle group—from head to toe.

We pushed our cardiovascular endurance. We did so many jumping lunges and squats (like, so many). We snuck some super-secret abs in there (and then some not-so-secret abs, too). We did push-ups galore. We got loud and rowdy. We poured buckets of sweat. And we crushed.

I want to welcome a few new faces to the class this week. Kelsey, Reggie, and the rest of the first time HIIT-goers…you guys slayed! Loved seeing Kelsey smile throughout the whole workout (see, we do have a good time in there!) and Reggie’s sarcastic quips fit right in with Jeff & Maria’s sarcastic quips. Welcome to the family, guys!

Can’t make it to Central Rock Randolph on Tuesday nights from 6:30-7:30pm? No worries. I’m taking away your excuses and posting the workout right here. Do it at home or at the gym on your own time. Get after it, already!

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My HIIT workouts are designed so they can be done on your own, wherever you are, without needing weights or other exercise equipment. But I promise you you'll push yourself harder—and have a lot more fun—in one of my classes. Join us next Tuesday from 6:30-7:30pm at Central Rock Gym in Randolph, MA.

The HIIT Workout

Okay, you know the drill. Stretch it out. Spend 5 minutes loosening up your calves, quads, hammies, hips, abs, shoulders, back and arms.

Jump rope in place for 1 minute. Use an imaginary jump rope.

10/15/20: Do 10 jumping jacks, mountain climbers and burpees back-to-back. Then do 15 of each, and 20 of each. No rests, no breaks. Warm yet?

Cardio circuit: Do each exercise for 30-seconds at max intensity. Rest for 10 seconds between exercises. Repeat the circuit 3x. Take a 1-minute break after your 3rd set.

High knees
Figure skaters
Heisman shuffle
Toe tap hops

Upper body a.k.a. super secret abs circuit: Same setup as above. 30-seconds on, 10-second rest, 3x. Go get it!

Left leg burpees
Plank jacks
Right leg burpees

Lower body circuit: You know what to do…

Triple threats
Left leg side lunge lifts
Jumping lunges
Right leg side lunge lifts

Happy abs: Not gonna lie, happy abs was extra happy this week. Spend 15-minutes intensely working your abs. We kinda killed it, but no big deal…

Want in on the action? 👈 That’s a rhetorical question, FYI. Of course you want in on this amazingness. Join us at Central Rock Gym in Randolph on Tuesdays from 6:30-7:30pm and see what the hype is all about. Register for class here.