Do This HIIT Workout —> Killer Cardio & Strength Circuit

High intensity interval training isn’t always super cardio-y. But, filled with high intensity cardio circuits and plyometrics galore, we really ended up sweating hard and breathing heavy in HIIT class this week. And now you, too, can sweat hard and breathe heavy by following this HIIT workout on your own time! You’re welcome.

I post these workouts because I know it’s not always possible to get to class on time. But I know how good it feels once you’re done with one of these HIIT workouts, and I don’t want anyone to miss out on that feeling.

Of course, sometimes you do something silly—like, oh, cut your thumb clear off with a chop saw—and have no choice but to miss class. But, this week marked the triumphant return of one of the biggest badasses I know. Brian, you and your thumb crushed it this week in class—even though you explicitly told me not to make you laugh the next morning because your abs hurt so much. But good. It’s my job to make your abs hurt! Welcome back, buddy.

Okay, so if Brian can chop off his thumb and do a HIIT workout, you can lace up those sneakers, crank some Pantera, and spend an hour pushing yourself past what you thought you were capable of. Go get after it, already!

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My HIIT workouts are designed so they can be done on your own, wherever you are, without needing weights or other exercise equipment. But I promise you you'll push yourself harder—and have a lot more fun—in one of my classes. Join us next Tuesday from 6:30-7:30pm at Central Rock Gym in Randolph, MA.

High Intensity Interval Training Circuit

Stretch & Warm-Up: Stretch out from head to toe, and then jump rope in place for a minute. We use imaginary jump ropes in class because our minds are powerful…

10/15/20: 10 of each jumping jacks, mountain climbers and burpees. Then 15 of each. Then 20 of each. And don’t you dare take a break between sets.

Strength Circuit #1: 1-minute push-up, triple pop-in: Do a push-up, then hop your feet 1/3 of the way towards your hands and back, then halfway to your hands and back, then all the way to your hands and back. Then do another push-up, and repeat.

HIIT Circuit #1: Cardio: Repeat 3x, then take a 1-minute rest

30-second high knees; 10-second rest

30-second toe-tap hops; 10-second rest

30-second speed skaters; 10-second rest

30-second jump up, jump back 3; 10-second rest

Strength Circuit #2: 1-minute plank/tabletop roll-overs: Start in high plank, then roll into a tabletop position and back to high plank. Then roll back. Keep your hips up on the same plane so you get the full-value ab workout here.

Circuit #2: Legs: Repeat 3x, then take a 1-minute rest

30-second triple TREATS; 10-second rest

30-second lunge pops, left leg; 10-second rest

30-second Heismann shuffle; 10-second rest

30-second lunge pops, right leg; 10-second rest

Strength Circuit #3: 1-minute wall walk push-ups; Step your feet about 12-18″ up a wall, do a push-up. Then walk your legs up the wall as you walk your hands back, until you’re pretty close to a handstand. Do a push-up. Walk back out.

Circuit #3: Upper Body: Repeat 3x, then take a 1-minute rest

30-second tricep dips; 10-second rest

30-second plank jacks; 10-second rest

30-second up-and-overs; 10-second rest

30-second wide-arm push-ups; 10-second rest

Happy abs: Spend 10-minutes working your abs. Hard. But that’s just regular old abs, because you can’t do happy abs without the rest of us at Central Rock Gym in Randolph. If you really want to experience the joy of happy abs, get your ass to abs class with me. Wednesday nights from 6:15-6:45pm at 445 High Street, Randolph MA. See you next week!