This week’s HIIT workout was all about the cardio—and the legs. Okay, and the upper body and abs, too. But really, we maxed out with 16 cardio, bodyweight and plyometric exercises…and all of them were kinda torturous in that Type II fun kinda way.

hiit workoutEspecially exciting this week was Megan’s triumphant return to HIIT class. After a tragic lawnmower incident, followed by an equally tragic broken leg, she has finally been cleared for badassery and all of the sweat. And she crushed it—her toe tap hops are looking just as good as ever, and based on the text she sent me this morning…she was feelin’ it.

If you want to “hurt so good” and get a hardcore HIIT workout in, join us in class next week. Or check out my blog archives and do these workouts on your own time. No excuse to not get after it, guys…

And speaking of getting after it…

Sign-Up for HIIT Class

My HIIT workouts are designed so they can be done on your own, wherever you are, without needing weights or other exercise equipment. But I promise you you'll push yourself harder—and have a lot more fun—in one of my classes. Join us next Tuesday from 6:30-7:30pm at Central Rock Gym in Randolph, MA.

HIIT Workout

Stretch – 5-minutes

Jumprope in place (or for real) – 1 minute

10/15/20 – Do 10 each jumping jacks, mountain climbers, burpees and jump squats…and then 15 of each, and then 20 of each. No rests, no breaks.

The HIIT Circuit: Okay, we’ve got two sets of 8 exercises. Do each exercise for 30-seconds, followed by a 10-second rest. After the set, take a one minute break. Move on to the 2nd set, same format. Now repeat the sets, for a total of 3 rounds on each set.

Triple treats

Left-leg burpees

Push-up, pop-in

Squat jacks

Toe tap hops

Zig zag hops

Billy Blanks (left side)

Kevin Harts

Jump lunges

Right-leg burpees

Plyometric push-up pops

Plank jacks

High knees

Jump up 1, jump back 3

Billy Blanks (right side)


Happy abs: spend 5-10 minutes on a good ab burn. I can’t give away the secret to happy abs—you have to come to class for that. But I promise they’re very happy 🙂

Or, come to my 30-minute ab class on Wednesday nights from 6:15-6:45pm at Central Rock Gym, Randolph. You can’t will yourself to have a six pack for the summer, but we can sure as hell work for it.