After spending the last two weeks shredding gnar in Colorado, I was truly inspired by the magnificence of the Rocky Mountains. So inspired, in fact, that I designed my whole HIIT class around the idea of climbing a mountain. And it turns out…there ain’t no mountain high enough, and also that there ain’t no puppies in my fitness studio.

A skeleton crew in class last night, but we pushed ourselves to the absolute max and sweat a whole lot—especially when the heat went rogue and started blasting during our first set 😬. We definitely left it all (and then some) on our mats.

This was a cardio-heavy HIIT workout with plenty of plyometrics to challenge your whole body, head to toe. No fitness equipment is necessary—all you need is your body and a killer can-do attitude. But if you find it hard to motivate yourself at home, my HIIT class is every Tuesday night from 6:30-7:30pm at Central Rock Gym in Randolph, MA. Come jump in and see what the hype is all about!

Anyway, enough of my shameless self promotion. Let’s get after it already!

Sign-Up for HIIT Class

My HIIT workouts are designed so they can be done on your own, wherever you are, without needing weights or other exercise equipment. But I promise you you'll push yourself harder—and have a lot more fun—in one of my classes. Join us next Tuesday from 6:30-7:30pm at Central Rock Gym in Randolph, MA.

The HIIT Workout

Stretch & Warm-Up: Spend 5 minutes stretching out, head to toe. Get your legs good 😈. Jump rope in place for a minute, just to start raising your heart rate.

The Mountain

The “mountain” consists of a set of six exercises. After each exercise, take a 10-second rest. After each set, take a 1-minute rest.

For your first set, do each exercise for 30-seconds. For your second set, do each exercise for 40-seconds. Third set, 50-seconds. Fourth set, 60. Then work your way back down: 50, 40 and 30. Altogether, you’ll do seven sets. Lucky number seven. Let’s go-oooo!!!

High knees: an exaggerated run in place; get your knees up higher than your hips and really pump your arms to pick up speed

Triple “treats:” Start in a lunge, jump and switch legs, then jump into a squat and jump back into a lunge. Rinse, repeat, go!

Toe tap hops: Lift one leg, bent at the knee, inside ankle facing the ceiling. Reach your opposite hand to that ankle. Jump and switch and jump and switch and jump and switch…

Suicide shuffle: Start in a side lunge, shuffle 3x in the direction of your bent leg and land in a side lunge on the other side. Shuffle back, and don’t stop.

Push-up, pop-in: Do a push-up (nose to mat, come on now), jumping your feet in towards your hands and back with every rep.

Figure skaters: Standing on one side of the mat, jump across to the other side, stepping your inside leg behind the other into a curtsy lunge. Jump back and repeat.

Happy Abs

Spend 10-15 minutes cooling off with abs. I can’t give away the secret of happy abs here, but if you want in on the action, sign up for my 30-minute abs class Wednesday nights at 6:15pm at Central Rock Gym in Randolph.