Running in a Winter Wonderland

The Best Cold-Weather Running Gear Unless I’m doing the Evil Twin Treadmill Workout, I’m pretty much all set with running anywhere but outside. You can find me pounding pavement or hitting the trails year-round, in any weather. I’m like the god damn postal...

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Thanksgiving Challenge: Workout Anywhere

It's Thanksgiving, and one thing I'm always incredibly thankful for is my body. No, I'm never going to be happy with the way I look. But the fact that I can perform the way I do—after paralysis, after multiple back surgeries, after years of addiction, a...

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HIIT Workout 10/18/17

Another set of killer cardio intervals meets 120 pushups in this week's HIIT Workout. But before I get into the details, a huge thank you to Chris—one of my faithful HIIT class attendees, week after challenging week—for heading up the class in my absence...

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