brian lewis photo

What can I say about Brian Lewis? Well, what can I say about Brian Lewis that I can publish on the Internet? Sometimes, I think I get more excited about Brian’s photography than he does—and trust me, he gets very excited about it! Talk about talent, passion. That’s Brian. From his vast knowledge of photography technology to his ability to envision a shot and literally do absolutely anything—anything!—to get that shot, Brian’s photographic prowess is mind blowing. His work has been featured in Climbing magazine, adorns the walls of Boston’s biggest climbing gyms, and sometimes highlights little old me. More than an artist, Brian is my best friend (wanna do karate in the garage?) and someone I am more grateful for every day.

drew lederman photography

My clip-it-or-whip-it climbing partner, one of my favorite people to suffer with—and we’ve had some sufferfests (Whitney-Gilman, anyone?)—and also one of the most talented photographers and kind human beings I know. I have had the honor of partnering up with Andrew for a couple of years now. His photography has a knack for really capturing the feelings behind any adventure—capturing the complete satisfaction and utter exhaustion on my face after a day of plugging gear on an alpine tradventure; capturing all of the try-hard; capturing the smallness of a climber under the snow-capped shadows of the Presidentials; capturing the silly, giddy, dancey, bouncy me after sending my sport project. Beyond climbing photography, Andrew is a master of lanscape photography, portraiture, product photography, and wedding & event photography, and also teaches a wide range of workshops for beginner & intermediate photogs.