Winter is here, as is evident by the 60MPH winds and blizzard-like snow whirling around in my back yard. As much as I prefer to get my snow day exercise in an outdoor fashion—snowboarding, a good backcountry skin, a long snowshoe, or even a pickup hockey game at the town rink—the weather today is neither fit for man nor beast (with us erring on the side of beast…)

So, here we are. Stuck at home. Just four days into the New Year. With all those this-is-the-year-I’m-really-gonna-start-exercising resolutions running races around in our minds.

Well, don’t you worry for one minute, because I got you guys. Even though Thursdays is usually just for strength & conditioning, I’m gonna give you guys a little bit more burn. This strength & cardio combo workout can be easily (well, relatively speaking) done at home, without any fitness equipment or weights.

A snowstorm is NO EXCUSE to be sedentary. Get up, get moving, and get after it, already!

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Snow Day Strength & Cardio: A Killer Combo Workout

Stretch & Warm-Up

Before getting into the strength & cardio portion of this at-home workout, make sure you stretch out from head to toe. Spend about 5 minutes loosening up, and then do 1-minute of light cardio to get your heart rate going. Light cardio includes jump roping (with or without an actual jumprope), jogging in place, a boxer’s bounce, or even just a fast-paced in-place march.

Two by Two

Bring your heart rate up even more, doing two jumping jacks, two mountain climbers and two burpees—and doing that 5x. Don’t stop to rest, just keep going…even if you have to make the climbers and burpees more static than dynamic.

Before we get into the real crux of the workout, let me explain the format. We’ve got three “wheels:” a lower body, an upper body and an abdominal wheel. Each wheel has a “hub” exercise and five “spoke” exercises. Start with the hub exercise, then do your first spoke. Return to the hub, then do your second spoke. And so on. Time each wheel for 12 minutes and get as many intervals in as you can during that timeframe! 

Lower-Body Wheel

Hub exercise: 10 Squat Jumps

Spoke #1: 10 lunge step-ups (left leg) – Step your left foot onto a sturdy chair. Stand onto that leg, pulling your right knee towards your chest, and then stepping back down. Do 10 and return to your hub.

Spoke #2: 10 lunge step-ups (right leg) – Same as above, on the other leg. Do 10 and return to your hub.

Spoke #3: 10 alternating lunge jumps (both legs counts for one jump). Do 10 and return to your hub.

Spoke #4: 30 reverse leg lifts (left) – Gently holding the back of that same sturdy chair, lift your left leg up, pulsing 30 times towards the ceiling, then return to your hub.

Spoke #5: 30 reverse leg lifts (right) –Same as above, on the other leg. Do 30 and return to your hub.

Upper Body Wheel: 

Hub exercise: 10 push-ups

Spoke #1: 10 tricep dips – Sit down in your sturdy chair, place your palms on the front edge of the seat, straighten your arms, and shift your hips and feet forward. Bend your arms, bringing your butt towards the ground. Then straighten your arms. Do 10 before returning to your hub.

Spoke #2: 30-second small arm circles – Grab two full bottles of water (or any two objects you can grip a la hand weights), extend your arms out to the side so they are parallel to the ground and perpendicular to your body, and make small backwards circles for 30-seconds before returning to your hub.

Spoke #3: 20 donkey kicks – Bend over and place your hands on the floor, keeping a bend in your knees and your feet 2-3′ back from your wrists. Now jump as you shift your weight onto your hands. Do 20 and go back to your hub.

Spoke #4: 30-second plank walks – Start in high plank (a.k.a. push-up position). Drop one elbow down to the mat, followed by the other. Now push back up—one arm at a time—into high plank. Switch it up, i.e. don’t drop onto the same elbow first over and over again. Go for 30-seconds and then get back to your hub.

Spoke #5: 15 large arm circles – Grab whatever you were using as a hand weight. Start with your hands on your thighs. Lift your arms forward and up overhead, circling your arms back around as you squeeze your shoulder blades together. Make 15 circles and return to your hub.

Ab Wheel (Not THAT kind…)

Hub exercise: 10 froggers – Lying on your back in a hollow position, sit up as you hug your knees to your chest. Release back to hollow.

Spoke #1: 30-second flutter kick – From a hollow position on your back, legs about 6-8″ off the ground, flutter your feet quickly back and forth for 30-seconds before returning to your hub.

Spoke #2: 20 side crunches (left) – Lie on your left side, knees bent. Rotate your chest to face the ceiling, gently place your hands behind your head, and lift your chest straight up to the ceiling 20 times before going back to your hub.

Spoke #3: 20 side crunches (right) – Same as above, on the other side. Do 20 and return to your hub.

Spoke #4: 1-minute elbow plank – Keep you butt down, your heels pressing back to the wall behind you, shoulders square over your elbows and your knees and elbows actively pulling towards your core.

Spoke #5: 10 opposite leg toe touches – Lie down on your mat. Lift your left leg as you sit up and reach for that foot. Switch legs. That’s one. Do 10 and then return to your hub.

Don’t let this little stormy snowy thing get in the way of your workout regimen. This strength & cardio workout will leave you feeling like a beast, even though the weather outside is not fit for one…