I’m not the only athlete who’s big into avocado toast right now – it’s kinda a big thing these days. My version of avocado toast (a.k.a. the best avocado toast ever) is rich with proteins, healthy fats and complex carbs, perfect for fueling any athletic endeavor.

I’m not gonna lie, this recipe is heavily inspired by the avocado toast at an awesome little coffee shop down in Chattanooga called Milk & Honey. I was down there climbing with a few friends and we literally ate it for breakfast every morning. So. Damn. Good. And it totally helped us crush at Little Rock City.

The recipe is simple, and the results are delicious:


1 slice hearty bread (I prefer When Pigs Fly Low-Carb Whole Wheat Bread)
Light cream cheese
Caramelized onions
1/4 ripe avocado, cut into thin slices
1 egg, cooked over-easy


This is a pretty intuitive kinda meal, but for the sake of posterity, I’ll give you the rundown on how to make the best avocado toast ever.

First, toast your bread – however you like it. Spread about a tablespoon of light cream cheese on the bread – watch your portions here. Even light cream cheese packs a good amount of fat and calories that should be enjoyed in moderation. Drop a dollop of caramelized onions on top of the cream cheese & decorate with sliced avocado.

Heat a small skillet over medium-high heat, coat with non-stick cooking spray, and cook up that egg. I prefer a nice, runny yolk, but you do you, boo. Drop the egg on top of the toast, and go to town!

Pairs perfectly with Equal Exchange organic Ethiopian coffee.